Friday, September 11, 2009

A cup Of Tea

I chose this title because I love a really good cup of tea, green usually but flavors are fun to try. The more unusual the better some days. Walking up the stairs or down the hall I'm switching on the gear that turns my attention to painting and the process. I've switched to my subconscience by now and am ready to set the brushes or cnavases into the steps of the "process". I enter my studio almost without thinking with a cup in my hand maybe the phone in the other and I'm ready for the day. It's synonymous with comfort in the studio, not sounds but nature or cars coming through the window panes, sunlight or the lack thereof. The stage is set the approach is almost always the same the studio size has changed over the years first starting with my dad's desk or my mom's dining table or the good old floor. Graduating in size was truly only to allow for materials and "stuff" required to perform art. Whatever the media the materials have to be ready and waiting for me to come through the door with my cuppa. Process is all there is when it involves creativity, leave your misgivings your doubts your insecurities outside the studio. Allow in only your comfort tools, like my cuppa tea.
Here in my new studio and new location I'm finding new comfort tools to allow into the space. My computer is one to allow me to talk to you; another is a good book to take my mind off my challenge at the end of my brush; finally daylight we need real daylight or I do to see nature in some amount albeit small glympses. Nature is one of my touchstones I must see it sometime from my studio. To be shut off from it would surely kill any desire to paint or create anything, for nature is the ultimate creator always evolving to create again. What a force to reckon with, the power alone is awe inspiring.
My tea leaves are but a tiny source to give comfort from our glorious nature. We take our little comforts from even smaller wonders.
Be sure to write anything you wish about your art or your creative experiences, we are, afterall united in our love of art.

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