Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Do you dream?

Do you dream of becoming a great "something"? Are you driven by your desires? Do you understand your talents? Are you hopeful for the future? Have you asked yourself these questions lately? Do you feel successful at something or incapable? The feelings, the desires, the understanding and hope are all we really need. These are the traits that help us create, become, our unique selves. We model ourselves out of this clay. We shape our thoughts and dreams with these thoughts. We become. Once we "become" something; example, an artist, or doctor, we then must continue to "become". We carry our pockets full of these traits, from place to place dropping them as we travel. We all make an impression, we make our actions known no matter what they are our distinquishing bits trickle out of us no matter how we feel about that. No matter what we might want to hide. We are and we have become" we have become wiser, softer, harder, more balanced, less balanced; we are still becoming. It is a never ending process. Our being has led us here. We continue to learn even if we don't feel the "need". We are not the center of the Universe. We are the Universe, we and our fellow beings.
As artists our exposure is visable and internal, as a doctor it is both visable and internal. We are all the same beings just with different directions. We both know if we did a good job or not. Our feelings are showing our brimming pockets overflow onto others. We are very fortunate we have similar traits with these we should be able to understand each other more clearly. It's my belief with full attention and focus we can create anything. We could even create world peace if we focused hard enough. These big ideas wander around in my head as one of those hopeful artist naive' traits that comes with the territory. I suppose you'd call them dreams however my dreams have never been to be famous or great at something; my dreams if we can call them that are to be the very best Suzanne I can be. No more no less, fully present and active in life with other beings. I try to be on of the working creative people who realize their own talents; and are grateful for their gifts.
If we could only harness these attributes and keep our directions in place! All of us! I suppose patience would definitely be necessary, kindness would be nice. Proceed with dedication and diligence; continue to create, continue to inspire and be inspired. We are capable of so much more than we have become. We must become again, keep becoming until we get it balanced.SR

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