Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Hello Again

It's been kind of a bumpy weekend for me sorry I haven't kept in touch. I guess the Universe swirled when I wasn't looking and took me along for the ride. Yesterday was a strange day all round I helped a friend pass from this life to the next. My old friend was a beautiful 14 year old Rotweiller, named Bomber and companion to my friend, Pat. I would only hope someone is as kind to me when it's time. He was surrounded by his friends and in his human's loving arms; now who could ask for more?
So today I'm going to be in the studio all the rest of the day and I'm sure Bomber will be in there watching as I paint. Lili, my dog roommate and one of Bomber's friends will be in there too. I find so many animals living with artists we must like the audience or the company for our solitary work.
Layering on top of gesso with acrylic using a palette knife today. It's a change and it's immediate. I discovered another painting tool a few years ago that I love to use for big surfaces, an eraser. A simple blackboard eraser, new of course, is a lot of fun to smear paint around. It leaves a interesting stroke and covers a large area. Try it you might like it for a change. I've found that over the years I've tried many different tools it keeps the work interesting and the artist engaged in the work. Periodically I get tired of color and do all black and whites for a bit then switch from figures to landscapes or abstracts just to keep the work fresh. I don't think it confuses too many of my collectors at least not the ones who really "know" art. They are the ones who know an artist must experiment constantly to investigate the world and empty the imagination onto the surface.... Of course deversifying the surface is fun and challenging too. That's why I engaged my imagination with resins recently. Seeing the many layers that can be accomplished is stimulating; it keeps me interested. The pieces I uploaded for you to see are both 12" X 12" to give the resin depth and online I hope they show their color well. Until later write me, exchange some thoughts and ideas you have. Remember art is communication. SR

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  1. Ha! finally figured out how to respond! After reading this blog, I'm wondering if,for my little art project (why I need some bamboo motif paper!), resin might be the right medium for see-through layers. Do I understand the concept correctly? Patsy. dodspj@flash.net


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